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Wednesday, 03 Mar 2021

Cambois RC

Durham Small Boats Head

Saturday, 6th February 2010

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Poster for the event (MS Word file)



Race Result Crew
IM3.1x Competed Craig Routledge
IM3.1x Competed Luke Dixon
IM3.2x Third Place Becky Bates, Shaun Jamieson
J13.2x Winner Natalie Dixon, Kasey Jobling
J13.2x Runner-up Sam Pearson, Gavin Shiel
J14.4x+ Runner-up Ben Lowes, Nick Duff, Matthew Nichol, Callum Gray, Gavin Shiel (Cox)
J16.1x Runner-up Luke Dixon
J16.1x Third Place Jamie McCarron
J16.1x Competed Ben Chrisp
J17.4+ Runner-up Lee McCarron, David Johnston, Nathan Shiel, Jamie Young, Gavin Shiel (Cox)
J17.4x- Runner-up Lee McCarron, Nathan Shiel, David Johnston, Jamie Young
J18.1x Competed Josh Dixon
J18.2x Third Place John Robson, Josh Dixon
VetC.2x Winner Paul Freeman, Craig Routledge
VetD.1x Winner Paul Freeman
VetE.1x Winner Paul Freeman
W.Nov.4+ Competed Amy Green, Katy Peace, Becky Bates, Ellie Hizzett, Daniel Jamieson (Cox)
W.Nov.4x+ Third Place Amy Green, Becky Bates, Katy Peace, Ellie Hizzett, Daniel Jamieson (Cox)
W.VetA.1x Winner Donna Hedley