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Thursday, 25 Feb 2021

Cambois RC

Yorkshire Head

Saturday, 9th March 2013

Boating from York St. John boathouse.

Take the A19 all the way to York, turn right onto Marygate. YSJ boathouse is at the end of this road and there is a large pay and display car park here off to the right.



Race Result Crew
IM2.8+ Runner-up Bruce Patterson, Jamie McCarron, Andrew Dickson, Jamie Young, Nathan Shiel, , Wim Stevenson, Craig Routledge, Daniel Jamieson (Cox)
J15.4+ Runner-up Ethan Lowes, Gavin Shiel, Cameron Irvine, Daniel Jamieson, Ian Jamieson (Cox)
J18.8+ Competed Ben Lowes, Callum Gray, Jordan Henderson, Gavin Shiel, Matthew Nichol, Nick Duff, Kieran Murray, Ethan Lowes, Ian Jamieson (Cox)
MasF.2x Runner-up Julian Ringer, Paul Freeman
WIM3.2x Runner-up Sarah Ludbrook, Donna Hedley
WIM3.4x- Runner-up Donna Hedley, Natalie Dixon, Kasey Jobling, Sarah Ludbrook
WIM3.4x- Competed Andie Riches, Kate Riley, Deborah Oakley, Lauren Spence
WNov.2x Third Place Andie Riches, Kate Riley