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Wednesday, 03 Mar 2021

Cambois RC

Durham City Sunday

Sunday, 12th May 2013

After a good and hectic day at Durham City on Saturday the pace slowed a little for the Sunday event. The racing was just as exciting to watch nevertheless.

The highlight of the first division time trial over the long course was a win and fastest double of the day  for Jamie and Nathan in the Elite 2x.  Only a few seconds off being the fastest boat overall.

The J15 lads then took over the starring role in the afteroon. Daniel and Cameron faced two strong senior rowers in the novice double. A fast start saw them put the older crew under pressure and pull out a half length lead. A half crab from the Durham crew gave the boys clear water, but not enough to break the elastic. With both crews pulling hard they collided on the finish line in our lane but Dan and Cameron had held on to win a hard fought race.

Kieran was next to race. After getting through two rounds well on Saturday to get to the semi-final of the J15 single he had a straight final in the Novice 1x.  His usual blistering start put him up over a very competent sculler from Hatfield College. He couldn't hold the lead though and lost by 'inches' on the line. A great effort.

The last race of the day was the J15 quad of Dan, Cameron, Gav and Ethan with Aidan coxing. Cambois powered away from the start and continued to stretch out a lead over a decent Doncaster Schools quad. The venerable commentator who has seen many a good race at Durham was rightly very complimentary towards both crews who sculled very well indeed. Aidan got a mention too for his 'impeccable' course.

Rower(s) of the day : A hard one to single anyone out individually as the whole J15 squad were excellent, but losing novice is a big achievment for any rower and so Daniel Jamieson and Cameron Irvine are today's winners.

Photos of the day


Race Result Crew
Eli.2x Winner Jamie McCarron, Nathan Shiel
J15.2x Third Place Ethan Lowes, Gavin Shiel
J15.4x+ Winner Ethan Lowes, Gavin Shiel, Cameron Irvine, Daniel Jamieson, Aidan Roberts (Cox)
MastC.1x Third Place Craig Routledge
MastE.1x Runner-up Paul Freeman
MastE.1x.IM3 Runner-up Paul Freeman
Nov.1x Runner-up Kieran Murray
Nov.2x Winner Daniel Jamieson, Cameron Irvine