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Thursday, 25 Feb 2021

Cambois RC

Durham City Saturday

Saturday, 11th May 2013

After a miserable 2012 where most of the events at Durham were cancelled due to the weather, the 2 days of Durham City Regatta brought some fine results for Cambois crews.

There was a fine win in the IM2 eight which held off two strong Durham crews to collect some long overdue pots. Nice to see some recognition for the hard work they put in over the winter.

Amongst the ladies, Andie had an eventful day - winning the womens J18 double then falling in at the start of her novice single in some testing conditions later in the day !  Andie shared the win in the double with Lauren who won the J18 single as well and also combined with three girls from Chester-Le-Street and were runners up in the IM2 quad.

Natalie and Kennedy started their first race in the double in what was Kennedy's first regatta. A close result against another local crew means there should be some good races coming up this season.

The smiles on the girl's faces heading back to the pontoon was great to see as Zoe, Megan, Callie and Bethan and Matty won their semi-final in the quad, only to lose out to a tidy Tarn crew in the final.

The race of the day had to be the final of the novice double. Winning through on each side of the draw, Matty and Wim came up against Gav and Ethan in the final.   The younger lads used their fast start to pull out a half length lead but the extra power and weight into a strong headwind allowed Matty and Wim to overhaul them in the middle of the course. The two J15 boys weren't letting them have it though and put in a burst to the finish line. A distance of half a canvas in the end was all that seperated them. Matty had earlier won two races to win the Novice single and took home an extra pot for the double just to make sure.

Rower(s) of the day : On any other day I think Melissa would have won this for a very brave effort in quite nasty conditions for a single. Winning her first race before battling all the way up the course to only lose by a length or so. Also Lauren had a great day with two wins, but the rower of the day award goes to Matthew Nichol. Winning novice with style twice in one day .

Photos from today


Race Result Crew
Eli.2x Runner-up Jamie McCarron, Jamie Young
IM2.2- Winner Andrew Dickson, Jamie Young
IM2.8+ Winner Nathan Shiel, Jamie McCarron, Andrew Dickson, Jamie Young, Wim Stevenson, Nick Duff, Ben Lowes, Craig Routledge, Daniel Jamieson (Cox)
IM3.2x Competed Ben Lowes, Nick Duff
J13.2x Third Place Andrew Bickerdike, Adam Bickerdike
J15.1x Third Place Kieran Murray
J15.2x Competed Daniel Jamieson, Cameron Irvine
J15.4x+ Third Place Ethan Lowes, Kieran Murray, Cameron Irvine, Daniel Jamieson, Aidan Roberts (Cox)
MastE.1x Runner-up Paul Freeman
MastF.2x Runner-up Paul Freeman, Julian Ringer
Nov.1x Winner Matthew Nichol
Nov.2x Winner Wim Stevenson, Matthew Nichol
Nov.2x Runner-up Ethan Lowes, Gavin Shiel
WIM2.4x- Runner-up Megan Stephenson, Evie Harrison, Lauren Spence, Alex Bartty
WJ14.1x Third Place Natalie Dixon
WJ14.2x Third Place Kennedy Tait, Natalie Dixon
WJ15.4x+ Runner-up Bethan Douglas, Callie McKenzie, Megan Easton, Zoe Fox, Matty Easton (Cox)
WJ16.1x Runner-up Kasey Jobling
WJ18.1x Winner Lauren Spence
WJ18.2x Winner Lauren Spence, Andie Riches
WMastA.4x- Runner-up Donna Hedley, Ruth Scott, Bev Hume, Sarah Ludbrook
WNov.1x Competed Andie Riches
WNov.1x Third Place Melissa James