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Wednesday, 03 Mar 2021

Cambois RC

Berwick LDS

Saturday, 8th October 2011

Parking map

Directions : Go up the A1 until the A698 roundabout at Berwick, and turn right towards the town along the A698. Keep following this and turn right just before the bridge over the tweed. Turn first left straight away and it should take you down under the bridge and park somwhere along here. The trailers should be on the grass here.

Bring your wellies for boating and lots of warm clothes !


Race Result Crew
IM2.2x Winner Bruce Patterson, Shaun Jamieson
J14.4x+ Runner-up Kieran Murray, Ethan Lowes, Gavin Shiel, Daniel Jamieson, Hannah-Louise Gillings (Cox)
J18.1x Winner Jamie McCarron
Mast.B.4x- Winner HEX, Andrew Dickson, Craig Routledge, DUR
W.IM3.4x- Winner Ruth Scott, Herbie Cooper, Sarah Ludbrook, Donna Hedley
W.J18.1x Winner Katy Peace
W.Nov.1x Winner Laura Batey